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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

FREE - The Eden Proposition - LAST DAY!




In Kurt Dahl's science-based thriller The Eden Proposition, the reader is faced with an enigma at first interesting, then improbable, and finally, terrifyingly real. Duval Dixon, a septuagenarian of immense wealth who is committed to solving what he thinks is the primary scourge dragging the world down an apocalyptic path-unsustainable consumption due to overpopulation-believes he has the solution. Atrocious as it may seem, he becomes an impassioned proponent of MPR - Massive Population Reduction. Over a decade, Dixon spends billions creating the ultimate biological agent that could reduce the world's population down to a handful. Then, he must answer a final question - should he do it? Unsure, Dixon calls together eleven great minds and then cuts them off from all contact with the outside world. What happens next will change the course of history. Called riveting, thought provoking, and unique, The Eden Proposition will stay with you, in a troubling way, for months to come.

Good Afternoon Friends:

It is my great pleasure to make you aware of this very special one time offer from AMAZON

As of yesterday, The Eden Proposition is in an Amazon promotion for three days - the download of ebook version is offered for FREE for two more days.

I think several of you have read the book - it's a good fast paced read that is set in the near future and examines the concept of MPR in a thoughtful manner. It is a a thinking person's Inferno (written and published well before Dan Brown's version!) . The purpose of the free offer is simply to make it available to more people, and to get more people to read it and hopefully begin thinking about our future - and then perhaps it can help ignite some important conversations among those who have not yet studied the issue as we have. As all of you know, awareness is the most important first step.

For the first 24 hours almost 1500 copies have been downloaded, a big number for this kind of promotion. But if it can get another push right now it will make it on to Amazon's lists of top sellers, and then it can do an order of magnitude more downloads - into the tens of thousands. This would be a good thing.

So, if you could, please download a copy, and more importantly, pass this information on to other people, lists, etc., that you are a part of - go viral!

This book has been a perfect catalyst for initiating the essential conversation with dozens of my friends - I know it can be an effective first intro into the topic - just read the reviews on Amazon to see what I mean.


Go here to download and read reviews.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Terrance A McNeil
CEO and Founder
First Financial Insights 



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