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Monday, 12 March 2018

#EXPOSE: #Blockchain HUGE 21st Century #Hoax - Here's Why...

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January 24,2018

Complete Utter Hogwash! 

But, proves that ole smelly stuff, still baffles brains. 

The key to this massive hoax is, firstly, revealed at the point of data capture; in terms of the nature of information or transactions being collected in each block. Irrespective of any value-audit at the point of data capture, it goes without saying, that the value of any information or transaction; anywhere on this planet is constantly changing -  in fact, the laws of thermodynamics  support the reality of physical and abstract value fluidity through-out the universe and on this planet, largely because;  on  the whole, it is over time moving towards chaos, or for that matter, a ZERO VALUE condition under the second law of thermodynamics. Thus, the even the most complete, accurate and objective value audit is only somewhat meaningful just at the point of initial data capture.

"If it is too good to be true; it probably is... '  

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Leading to another massive hole in this  concept, in that there is also  nothing in this technology that provides for an on-going optic or measurement of the transaction or information values collected and contained  in any of the chained blocks within the chain (i.e. there is no innate or inside the block value thermometer) beyond the point of data capture - so by the time you go to open the block, some decades from now, ( or even next week) you could most likely find that there is actually little or nothing of any value there - which should come as no surprise to anyone, because we live on a finite planet that has less aggregate value with each passing moment, as its non-renewable resources are being concurrently depleted with growing populations. The opened empty block  would hence, conform as expected, with both the laws of the universe and noted planetary constraints.

In other words, you would have to insanely absurd  to think that you can defeat the physical universal laws and constraints of the planet with the high technology of mere snake-oil semantics, software-programming and mathematics, combined with zealous criminal propaganda - seeking bigger fools happy to buy your next invisible tulip bulb created and marketed with unlimited abundance???

So, as Shakespeare once prolifically remarked, "A fraud by any other name; would still be a ..." Hmm...

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We would be pleased to hear any and all thoughts or comments on this short expose; particularly from anyone who still believes in such mystical software technologies - which clearly amount to being cleverly-disguised, high-tech schemes built by "Financial Wizards of Oz," aiming  to pillage the bank accounts of the innocent and trusting millions and their incompetent governments.

If you remain in doubt about about the perpetrators or nature of this hoax - have a look at their financial statementswhat is really interesting is how they convert their blockchain monopoly money (Bitcoin) into US dollars.   Surprised?

T. A McNeil
First Financial Insights Inc.
Toronto, ON

P.S.  Rarely do we ever agree with Paul Krugman, N.Y. Times; however, in this case, there is no doubt we share the similar belief in open, honest and fair financial dealings to uphold the substance and integrity of the economic system against fraud or other criminal abuses.

Friday, 16 September 2016

US Military Puts #Climate On Top Security Agenda


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Climate change 'significant and direct' threat to U.S. military: reports

The effects of climate change endanger U.S. military operations and could increase the danger of international conflict, according to three new documents endorsed by retired top U.S. military officers and former national security officials.

"There are few easy answers, but one thing is clear: the current trajectory of climatic change presents a strategically-significant risk to U.S. national security, and inaction is not a viable option," said a statement published on Wednesday by the Center for Climate and Security, a Washington-based think tank.

It was signed by more than a dozen former senior military and national security officials, including retired General Anthony Zinni, former commander of the U.S. Central Command, and retired Admiral Samuel Locklear, head of the Pacific Command until last year.


Australia’s love of coal has left it out in the diplomatic cold

At the Port Moresby meeting, Kiribati President Anote Tong suggested that Australia should leave the forum altogether if it was not prepared to back the islands' positions in global climate negotiations. Australian attempts to gag its Pacific island neighbours in these negotiations have aroused anger in the region. 

12 large scale solar projects to get ARENA funding

The fact that more than half the projects will be helped by ARENA is not unexpected, given the huge reduction in the project costs elicited during the tendering process. It will mean that the ARENA funding round will produce around double the 200MW of large-scale solar capacity that it originally targeted.

Why we can't sign the latest Climate Change Authority report 

For three years, good climate change policies in Australia have been eviscerated by those who would prefer to do nothing. This is happening at a time when the urgency to act has never been greater and the rest of the world is pursuing a bolder and more determined path. All of the evidence shows that most Australians want much stronger action from the government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and hasten the transition to a clean energy economy.


UK and US dwarf China as top foreign investors in Australian agricultural land

Report reveals 13.6% of Australia’s 385m hectares of agricultural land is foreign-owned, with two-thirds of the 52.1m hectares in UK or US hands

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Today's ENERGY News - 15 September 2016

Top Stories 

Proterra launches new Catalyst E2 series electric bus with nominal range of up to 350 miles

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At the American Public Transit Association (APTA) Annual Meeting, Proterra unveiled the newest addition to its fleet of electric buses: the Catalyst E2 series, named for its EfficientEnergy (E2) storage capacity of 440 – 660 kWh. Last month, an E2 series vehicle achieved a new milestone at Michelin’s Laurens Proving Grounds where it logged more than 600 miles (966 km) on a single charge under test conditions. Its nominal range of 194 – 350 miles means the Catalyst E2 series is capable of serving the full daily mileage needs of nearly every US. mass transit route on a single charge and offers the transit industry the first direct replacement for fossil-fueled transit vehicles. The high-mileage Catalyst E2 series joins the existing Catalyst FC and XR series vehicles, designed for circulator and intermediate-mileage routes, respectively. E2 battery configurations can be fully charged at the depot with industry standard J1772 […]

Saudi Arabia Reclaims Top Oil Producer Crown From U.S., IEA Says

U.S. held top spot since April 2014, according to IEA Output in U.S. has dipped by 460,000 barrels a day since May Saudi Arabia has retaken the position of the world’s top oil producer from the U.S., according to the International Energy Agency. “Saudi Arabia’s elevated oil production has allowed it to overtake the U.S. and become the world’s largest oil producer,” the Paris-based IEA said in its monthly report on Tuesday. While Saudi Arabia has added an extra 400,000 barrels a day of output from low-cost fields since May, about 460,000 barrels a day of “high-cost” production has been shut down in the U.S. America has been the world’s largest producer of crude and other liquid hydrocarbons since April 2014 following the shale oil boom. U.S. output in August stood at 12.2 million barrels a day, including natural gas liquids, according to the IEA. The drop in U.S. […]

China Crude Output Drops to 6-Year Low as Giants Shut Fields – Bloomberg

China’s crude oil output dropped to the lowest in more than six years as the country’s state-run energy giants continued to pump less from aging, high-cost fields.  Production during August in the world’s largest energy consumer dropped 9.9 percent from a year ago to 16.45 million tons, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday. That’s about 3.89 million barrels a day, the lowest since December 2009, according to Bloomberg calculations. Output is down 5.7 percent during the first eight months of the year.

Anadarko Goes Deeper in GOM with $2B Deal

Anadarko Petroleum Corp. is diving even further into deepwater Gulf of Mexico with a $2 billion acquisition of assets from Freeport McMoran Oil & Gas, the company announced Monday.  The deal, effective Aug. 1, will be immediately accretive, Anadarko CEO Al Walker, said in a news statement. It is expected to close by the end of the year.  The $2 billion buy will achieve several objectives for the Houston-based exploration and production company (E&P), including:
  • doubling Anadarko’s ownership in the Lucius development to about 49 percent;
  • expanding the company’s infrastructure throughout the Gulf of Mexico;
  • generating $3 billion in incremental cash flow during the next five years at current prices; and
  • enabling the company to accelerate investment in Anadarko’s Delaware and DJ basin assets.
The Delaware basin made headlines recently when another Houston-based E&P, Apache Corp., announced a major find in the region.

Record Year For Solar Expected As Installations Surge 43%

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Solar panels The record-breaking installations of solar panels in the U.S. continues with an eye-popping 2 gigawatts installed in just the second quarter of this year, according to new data from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). The solar industry installed 2,051 megawatts between April and June, marking the eleventh consecutive quarter in which the U.S. saw more than a gigawatt of solar capacity added to the grid. The volume of installations also marks 43 percent growth from the same quarter in 2015. “We’re seeing the beginning of an unprecedented wave of growth that will occur throughout the remainder of 2016, specifically within the utility PV segment,” Cory Honeyman, GTM Research associate director of U.S. solar research, said in a statement. “With more than 10 gigawatts of utility PV currently under construction, the second half of this year and the first half of 2017 are on […]

Trade Deals Usurp #Sovereign Democracies and Authorities

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Here They Come Again

Is it over? Can it be true? If so, it’s a victory for a campaign that once looked hopeless, pitched against a fortress of political, corporate and bureaucratic power.
TTIP – the transatlantic trade and investment partnership – appears to be dead. The German economy minister, Sigmar Gabriel, says that “the talks with the US have de facto failed.” The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, has announced “a clear halt”. Belgian and Austrian ministers have said the same thing. People power wins. For now.
But the lobbyists who demanded this charter for corporate rights never give up. TTIP has been booed off the stage but another treaty, whose likely impacts are almost identical, is waiting in the wings. And this one is more advanced, wanting only final approval. If this happens before Britain leaves the EU, we are likely to be stuck with it for the next 20 years.
The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is ostensibly a deal between the EU and Canada. You might ask what harm Canada could do us. But it allows any corporation which operates there, wherever its headquarters might be, to sue governments before an international tribunal. It threatens to tear down laws protecting us from exploitation and prevent parliaments on both sides of the Atlantic from legislating.
To say that there is no mandate for such agreements is an understatement: they have received an unequivocal counter-mandate. The consultation the EU grudgingly launched on TTIP’s proposal to grant new legal rights to corporations received 150,000 responses, 97% of which were hostile. But while choice is permitted when you shop for butter, on the big decisions there is no alternative.
It’s not clear whether national parliaments will be allowed to veto this treaty. The European trade commissioner has argued that there is no need: it can be put before the European Parliament alone. But even if national parliaments are allowed to debate it, they will be permitted only to take it or leave it: the contents are deemed to have been settled already.
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Only once the negotiations between European and Canadian officials had been completed, and the text of the agreement leaked, did the European Commission publish it. It is 1600 pages long. It has neither a contents list nor explanatory text. As far as transparency, parity and comprehensibility are concerned, it’s the equivalent of the land treaties illiterate African chiefs were induced to sign in the 19th Century. It is hard to see how parliamentarians could make a properly-informed decision.

Super typhoons becoming more powerful and more frequent

Those hitting south-east Asia with a category 4 or 5 strength have more than doubled in number, with the increase even more for China and Taiwan and regions north. The increase in sea-surface temperature is key to providing extra energy to tropical storms, with the outcome for the megacities of the region looking grimmer. "With global warming of the oceans and atmosphere, we can expect tropical cyclones to increase in frequency and intensity in all the basins,"

Climate Change Has Doubled the Number of Category 4 and 5 Storms 
The destructive power of typhoons in East and Southeast Asia has increased by nearly 50 percent since 1977. Meanwhile, the number of category 4 and 5 storms striking land has doubled. Standing alone, any one of these findings would be significant. Taken together, they paint a picture of significantly rising risk of storm damage and related loss of life due to climate change in one of the world’s most highly populated regions. 

 Fabricated Claims About Russian “Covert Plot” to Disrupt US Elections

Clinton is so irreparably tainted and unfit to serve, her key strategy is diverting attention from her wrongdoing two ways – bashing Trump beyond customary campaign jousting and spreading misinformation and Big Lies about Russia, using the media as press agents to do her dirty work.

The Kremlin Really Believes That Hillary Wants to Start a War With Russia

Moscow perceives the former secretary of state as an existential threat. The Russian foreign-policy experts I consulted did not harbor even grudging respect for Clinton. The most damaging chapter of her tenure was the NATO intervention in Libya, which Russia could have prevented with its veto in the U.N. Security Council. Moscow allowed the mission to go forward only because Clinton had promised that a no-fly zone would not be used as cover for regime change. Russia’s leaders were understandably furious when, not only was former Libyan President Muammar al-Qaddafi ousted, but a cellphone recording of his last moments showed U.S.-backed rebels sodomizing him with a bayonet. They were even more enraged by Clinton’s videotaped response to the same news: “We came, we saw, he died,” the secretary of state quipped before bursting into laughter, cementing her reputation in Moscow as a duplicitous warmonger.


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