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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

EYE on the World - Hotter Days Sparking Not Just Climate Change


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American Economic Anger Driving Elections - Mad as HELL!

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On Wednesday, Stiglitz pointed out that 91 percent of economic gains made since the 2008 recession went to the top one percent of earners, while the minimum wage has failed to keep up with the pace of inflation by more than 60 years.

"The American economy is a failed economy," he said. "We have to once again rewrite the rules of the economy for the 21st century." - Common Dreams

Global ALERT: February Hottest in 100 Years - Says #NASA


Now you can understand why we don't believe all those politicians and activist who run around promoting phony successes with agreements and more solar cells. Guess What? The climate could care less about our words and aspirations -the FACTS speak for themselves.

China on Verge of Massive Labor Unrest - Protests on Upswing

"Mr. Zeng, 41, had orchestrated successful campaigns against influential factories and state-owned firms in Guangdong and tutored a generation of labor activists. After his arrest, state news outlets began a smear campaign accusing him of hiring prostitutes, stealing from workers and conspiring with hostile foreign forces."

The New York Times

"Peak Oil Today" - March 14, 2016  

"Market watchers
 are announcing the demise of the oil majors. Not for the first time. According to Jilles van den Beukel, former geoscientist with Shell, the oil companies are indeed seeing their world shrinking. But they are not dead yet: their reason for being – the world’s demand for oil and gas – is still there. Financial analysts are worried about high costs, future oil demand and low reserve replacement ratios. "  - 
Peak Oil

Quotes of the Week
“I’ve covered this industry since the late 70s and I would have to say I haven’t seen a situation like this, of this magnitude. We’ve concluded that this is not a normal cyclical downturn.”
Carol Cowan, a Moody’s Senior Analyst
“Shale was a hot growth area and companies made the mistake of borrowing too much. It’s amazing that so many people were willing to lend them money. Many are going to file for bankruptcy, and bondholders and equity are going to get wiped out en masse.”
George Schultze,
Schultze Asset Management
New York

Top Hedge Fund Holds Record Short Position

Need We Say More?

"Today, we received Horseman's latest February numbers and the fund's outperformance has continued: in a very volatile month, in which many hedge funds were stopped out in both directions, Horseman returned a respectable 1.5%, after 8% the month before, and with a 9.6% YTD tally, it remains in the 99%+ percentile of returns for the year."

Zero Hedge

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