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Monday, 25 July 2016

Blistering Heat Brings Wildfires And Evacuations To California


California Wildfire Spreads Across 20,000 Acres, Prompting Evacuations

More than 900 firefighters were combating a wildfire across 20,000 acres in the mountains north of Los Angeles and near Big Sur on California’s coast on Saturday night, prompting the authorities to order evacuations and close roads, the United States Forest Service said on Twitter.
The evacuations encompassed about 1,500 homes, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. One structure was reported destroyed and 100 commercial buildings were threatened. Ten percent of the fire had been contained, the Forest Service said Saturday night.
No information on injuries was immediately available.
Firefighters contended with triple-digit temperatures and winds of up to 26 miles per hour on Saturday. The weather was not expected to improve on Sunday, with hot, dry conditions and wind gusts forecast.
Images posted on Twitter showed the sky tinted orange and pink, as flames and smoke dominated the landscape.
The New York Times

The Practical Path to Reversing Climate Change

Most Australians (53%) believe there is a 50% or greater chance our way of life will end within the next 100 years, and a quarter that humans will be wiped out. These are surprisingly high estimates; no organisation would accept this level of risk. In response, 75% agreed we need to transform our worldview and way of life (an 'activist' response); 44% agreed that the world's future looks grim so we have to focus on looking after ourselves and those we love (nihilism); and 33% agreed that we are facing a final conflict between good and evil in the world (fundamentalism).

Large Sections of Greenland Covered in Melt Ponds, Dark Snow

The Earth has now warmed by more than 1 C above Preindustrial temperatures. And 1-2 C warming from this baseline in the Eemian resulted in a 10-20 foot rise in ocean levels. We’re in this temperature range now.

New Studies Show Extent of Earth's Ice Melt

This is worth watching

 George Monbiot on the current UK government

We have a environment secretary whose ideology urges her to see the environment as an impediment to profit, a communities secretary whose every fibre rebels against the planning system and an international trade secretary who used his previous post in government to connect mysteriously with American corporate lobby groups. We no longer have a climate change secretary, of any description. We have a government that treats the Earth’s systems, upon which our survival depends, as an afterthought. Or not a thought at all.


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